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The basic idea is that you fill out our packing slip and send it to us along with whatever you have to be fixed or copied. The packing slip generates an invoice, and payment of the invoice puts the work on the bench. The packing slip also travels with your work and identifies it as yours...there are a lot of parts and pieces around here and the packing slip makes the difference between order and chaos!

Really important: We do not stain or in any way color the replacement pieces and/or repairs unless the work with us is specifically commissioned to include finish treatment. This is usually only in the cases of pieces that originally were painted, and even then usually only for pieces that need specialty painting such as rosemåling. We will not agree to do simple staining or similar finishes. People have really particular ideas about color and finish, plus ideas about sourcing (organic, living wage, fair trade, etc etc etc), plus allergies & intolerances innumerable. We cannot anticipate nor sort through those, and as a general rule it is best to anticipate your work coming back to you sanded but not finished. We use good woods, and most of these will age to a lovely color, just as most wheels or looms do. If you want it stained, we cannot provide this service.

So, with that all said, the prices--in no particular order and not including shipping or paypal fees--are:

- entire flyer assembly (new flyer, one new bobbin, new whorl) with either 1/2" or 1/4" orifice, $150. This comes with an orifice hook.

Important note: Most antique flyers have small orifice openings, and we replicate those with the 1/4" sizing. However, thicker or "art" yarn will not work with these, and thus the 1/2" opening gives you a great deal more yarn design flexibility while still looking very much like the original.

- put a flyer on your axle, $50

- whorl, $20 (this can be a new whorl, a replacement, one with different size ratios, etc)

- extra bobbins, $30/each.

If you buy 5 ($150) we will make you 6 and also include an orifice hook

Important note: you can mix & match styles of bobbins as you wish with the "Buy 5, Get 6" deal, meaning that the order does not have to be all bobbins for the same wheel, but can be 3 for one wheel and 3 for another, or 2 each for three different wheels, or whatever. We need an original of each to replicate it. If you do not have the original, then we will have to have your flyer & whorl here so we can design a bobbin to go on them. Please double-box flyers: they are fragile.

- orifice hook, $10 (These are made using the needles from antique sock knitting machines & nicely turned handles.)

- maidens, $20/each (These are turned to match the style of your wheel.)

- leather bearings, washers, ties, etc. Also cornhusk bearings for great wheels.

Free. Always. For anyone. Just send us your mail-to address. We will need to get a couple of measurements from you and then will pop them in the mail.

- threaded tensioning system for Saxony wheel (tension screw and MOA boss), $30

- Mother-of-All (MOA), $30

- flax distaff assembly, $30 per section and the top section includes a removeable flax cage; this is turned to match the style of your wheel

- footman $15

- Great Wheel direct drive spindle, $20

- The Dewey Doubler, a Great Wheel accelerator that functions as both a "Minor's Head" type accelerator and a direct drive spindle, $200

Other things must be priced individually. Prices do not include shipping and, if you pay by PayPal, the fairly nominal PayPal processing fees.

If you wish to send picture, the best way to send pictures is usually by email, since the interface on Facebook is not a very good one. Our email address is,



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We also maintain a free "Resources" page, with DIY information and how-to videos.



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