The CHESSSPY EBay auctions


At one time, we auctioned antique and vintage chess sets, and we have retained all of the auction materials. Here they are listed more or less in the order in which they were auctioned, which is
not particularly meaningful now, but allowed us to keep these current during a very busy time for us.

Dig around & you'll learn a lot: we became somewhat famous for having good auctions, and
a large part of what made them good was that we provided a lot of information with each auction.

If it's underlined, it's a link! Also, some of these pic albums have videos in them, too.

The value of these archival pictures cannot be overstated.


New to all this? Make a cuppa and sit down...we'll get you sorted. :)

Click here for pics & videos showing the reality of chess set restoration

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"The Phillip Tod set": 1889 Jaques of London with original box & documented provenance, with thanks to brother Richard Dewey for a great deal of very solid and impressive research.

Jaques Staunton Later Dropjaw 1860-65, Before and After (two different photo albums, and also see immediately previous video)

Instant Antique/Vintage Chess Set Collection

Jaques Club Set (1875-80, 4.5"), with repurposed Victorian tea caddy as case & antique chess leaflet signed by presumptive first owner of the set.

  • Album) Making the replicated knight -- needs to be re-linked from another cache of pictures