Instant Antique / Vintage Chess Set Collection: Videos & Pictures



16 March 2012) It's not easy doing all these videos! This is me earlier today (much, much earlier today) making some notes about the upcoming video before taping it.

SHOWTIME, FOLKS! I have put together picture links and a video about each set. In the videos I discuss the history of each of the set styles, and show other examples. Plus I do boards (flat and folding)(two videos), and even chat about clocks.

Now, each of the sets has been gone through and restored: again, this doesn't mean that they are or look new. For example, the bone set in this auction might be 190 or so years old...NO ONE looks brand new at 190 years old! So there are little places here and there. Also, I replaced three pawns in the bone set because they were missing: no other replacements in any of the sets were made. Anyway, I'll go back through all the sets and give them a last going-through before packing them off to you.

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