Some instruments. From left, C whistle with 1 key by Barnett Samuel & Son, London (1869-1876); C & D Mellow Dog whistles in brass by Jerry Freeman, USA (2012); D flute in boxwood & ivory with 4 pewter keys by William Henry Potter, London (1806-1814); D flute in boxwood & ivory with one brass cut key by Metzler, London (1788-1816); D flute in African blackwood with 6 keys by Skip Healy, USA (c2003); Bb fife by George Cloos & Crosby (1868-1902); C/Bb fife in boxwood of unknown provenance, marked with lyre; D piccolo with single key in ebony, unmarked; D whistle in pink ivory and silver by Chris Abell (c2013); D flageolet in boxwood with ivory finger posts, Milner (dates unknown); Bb band flute in ebony with 6 nickel keys, maker unknown, leather marching/storage case stamped "R.STAFFORD | 1915"; D Boehm-system flute by Jupiter di Medici (c2012).

Milissa has played flute since she was either 10 or 12 years old...she can't quite remember, but it was a long time ago.

While she continues her work with modern Boehm-style flutes and music appropriate for them, her musical interests these days also includes the music, "classical" and otherwise, played on the pre-modern simple system instruments: Baroque & Classical period flutes, piccolos, fifes, whistles, and flageolets. For these projects she restores various historical instruments, and also works on modern reproductions of museum-held instruments.

Rather than restricting herself to solo or formal settings, Milissa also is exploring music in its social context, such as performances in conjunction with dancers.
Moreover, given the enormous number of flute players in this world, she strongly support flute choirs as well as flute, fife, whistle & piccolo bands.

Milissa teaches private lessons on a wide variety of instruments. Lessons are held in her West Asheville studio or via Skype.

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Milissa studied classical flute with Patti Adams Atwood, now Board Chair for the National Flute Association. Having won numerous regional awards, Milissa then matriculated at age seventeen to Brevard College as a performance musician where she sat principal for the College Symphony.

At age 18, she moved from Brevard to Monterey, California, where she enjoyed a brief career as Rock Flute Player for the inimitable Jill Childers. Jill rocked on, but Rock Flute didn't...Milissa eventually moved back across the country.

These days she is home again in North Carolina, and back to what she knows and loves musically as well. She has studied with Irish flute-player, Leo MacNamara; penny whistle maestro, Bill Ochs; and Irish flute-player, Conal Ó Gráda.

In consultation with Lindsay Leach-Sparks, Milissa also continues her woodwind and historical studies of the pre-modern musical eras, using antique instrumentation: flageolets; recorders; and various Renaissance, one-key and simple system flutes/piccolos/fifes. A modern Boehm system flute tends to hang around on standby as well.


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prod·i·gal ('prädigl/): (1) having or giving something on a lavish scale; (2) a person who leaves home and behaves recklessly, but later makes a repentant return.

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