PYRAMIDENLEUCHTER/ Weihnachtspyramiden

Pyramidenleuchter (pyramids with tea lights) or Weihnachtspyramiden (Christmas pyramids) are interesting. The tea lights, when lit, create hot air currents. When they rise, they turn the propellors atop the pyramid and the contraption turns! Each level or tier usually focuses on a theme: the Nativity is typical. The objects can sit, such as for table centrepieces, or they can hang as moving chandeliers.

Never afraid to think big, the Germans also build these outdoors. They can exceed two storeys high.

Outdoor Pyramide in Erzgebirge

That seemed a bit much for our garden, so we purchased a very inexpensive ($20) used pyramid. It was made in China, and does not have brackets/holders for the tea candles. We can only hope the original packaging (which we don't have) advised the buyer to put tea candles on the table around the pyramid...or it never ever would have worked. No candles = no hot air currents rising up = propellors don't turn = nothing happens. We also didn't much like the figures, and very much didn't like the shiny, glue-y, messy finish. So we tore into it!

Annotated picture album: Weihnachtspyramiden tear-down