- CHESSSPY (as in, Chess + Spy) is Alan's chess set restoration work.
- BOBBIN BOY is a fiberarts equipment repair & restoration service.


About Alan & Milissa.

Alan Dewey and Milissa Ellison Dewey
are recognized worldwide for their work.

Originally from Hull, England, Alan is the world's première antiques chess set restorer, and works with an internationale clientele. He has been a turner since late childhood and has specialized in wood turning and antiques restoration of various kinds for the last thirty years. Alan was a master bricklayer ("brickie") and also studied art. He has extensive experience with European antiques of all sorts and is now learning about American antiques, particularly those from the Colonial period. His current focus in this arena is on the repair & restoration of fiberarts equipment, such as spinning wheels and looms.

Born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, Milissa is PhD-educated in Early Modern European History as well as various subfield specializations: early modern philosophy, American colonial history, and history of science. She also holds honors undergraduate degrees in economics and nursing, and is an Honors Scholar at Large in the University of North Carolina system. Milissa is a classical flautist now also working with both Baroque/Classical era and Irish/Scottish Traditional Music. She moreover is a seventh-year apprentice woodturner. She has worked in the fiberarts since 1994, and in woodturning since 2009.

Making their home in bohemian West Asheville, Alan & Milissa have a turning workshop which houses their businesses. The focus of the business is fiberarts equipment research & restoration. Alan also continues to work with chess set collectors. They also actively conduct research about the turning trade, chess sets, and fiberarts information both historical and current. They publish their findings on a regular basis.



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